1. International Leader Training Program for Sustainable Use of Water and Resources, The University of Kitakyushu (SUW Program)


Through SUW education program, Japanese and international graduate students are educated to become environmental leaders, who are to take actions on environmental issues on water and resources by comprehensively grasping their causes, effects and background. SUW students build up the foundation of environmental thoughts through course work and trainings on science and engineering, environmental management, sanitation/hygieiology, and social science. Practical skills are enhanced through fieldwork, where students integrate their knowledge as well as learn from practical past mistakes and new/old technologies. Available fieldwork includes drinking water improvement projects, waste disposal management support project, which are operated by Kitakyushu municipal government and corporations from Kitakyushu. SUW alumni in Japan and overseas join in the operations of these projects; they cooperate to solve environmental issues in developing countries, which bring mutual benefits to these countries and Japan.


2. Requirements to complete SUW Program


List of requirements for Mastersf and Ph.D. students


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Graduate School of Environemntal Engineering, The University of Kitakyushu